What Does Oolong Milk Tea Taste Like?

There is nothing as relaxing as oolong milk tea. It’s the perfect energizing sip with such a beautiful look, but what does this buzzing beauty taste like?

The perfect cup of tea is such a treat and Oolong milk tea can be just that blend! This perfect drink fuses fresh tea with milk for a tasty and layered drink you will want all the time! Oolong milk tea is so pretty that it often pops up in people’s feeds, but not everyone knows what this icon actually tastes like.

Explore all the layers of flavor in oolong milk tea and learn more about how to enjoy it with this helpful guide!

What Does Oolong Milk Tea Taste Like?

What Does Oolong Milk Tea Taste Like

Oolong milk tea is the perfect mixture of floral tea flavors and milk. It has a great natural sweetness and flowery flavor from the oolong tea. The addition of milk makes the tea creamy and smooth.

Together the layers of oolong and milk make for a rich, creamy, and floral flavor.

Oolong milk tea’s deliciously creamy and floral flavor comes from this drink’s simple yet delectable layers. What exactly are they made of and what makes this tea so tasty?

What is Oolong Milk Tea?

This delicious drink is perfect for people who take their tea with a spot of cream or milk because the milk is in the standard recipe. Oolong milk tea originated in Taiwan and is made from a blend of freshly brewed oolong tea topped with milk.

The key to this special drink is the delicious oolong tea. Oolong is a unique variety of tea packed with a wonderfully floral and earthy flavor. Oolong teas come from the camellia sinensis plant, the same plant family that produces green and black teas.

The difference in oolong leaves versus green or black teas is in their exposure to oxygen. Oolong tea leaves are actually withered. The tea growers purposely overexpose the plants to sunlight to force oxidation.

The resulting leaves are known for their floral, earthy, and honey-like flavors and aromas.

Oolong teas are loved for their moderate caffeine content. One serving of oolong tea has about 45 mg of caffeine. That is about half of the average coffee, so oolong milk tea is the perfect pick-me-up for long afternoons.

The tasty oolong tea is brewed fresh for oolong milk tea and then milk is poured over the tea. Traditionally, cow’s milk is used but any variety of milk will bring a note of creaminess to the oolong tea.

This perfectly smooth tea is enjoyable both hot and cold. Often this tea is served sweetened with brown sugar and boba balls.

Benefits of Drinking Oolong Milk Tea

Benefits of Drinking Oolong Milk Tea

Oolong milk tea is refreshing and can have some healthy side effects. It is made with oolong tea that has low levels of caffeine.

This can help with alertness and focus while still being mild enough to drink in the afternoon.

In addition to giving your energy levels a boost, oolong tea has antioxidants and amino acids that keep your body running at peak performance.

Oolong is a great source of fluoride, manganese, and potassium.

Adding milk to the oolong tea gives it an extra dose of calcium and just enough calories to keep you going.

Combine this with a mild caffeine level and you have the perfect drink for afternoons when you want to be alert and on the ball!

How to Brew Oolong Milk Tea

To craft the perfect oolong milk tea you must start with the perfect oolong! There are many varieties and blends of oolong available for home brewers.

The biggest consideration is bag or loose-leaf tea. Many major producers of tea make oolong tea blends in teabags. This style of oolong can be found in grocery stores worldwide and is one of the easiest ways to make oolong.

Loose leaf offerings of oolong are also plentiful. Loose leaf oolong blends can be found in stores and online and they offer more nuanced flavors.

Choosing loose-leaf allows you to find a tea blend that perfectly suits your tastes. The only thing required to make loose-leaf is a tea infuser ball or teapot with a built-in strainer, and if you brew tea regularly these are worthy investments.

The second element to consider is the milk. Standard whole milk is a perfect choice, but if you are going dairy-free you can opt for your favorite non-dairy milk.

Once you have decided on your tea and milk, it’s time to brew. Always adhere to the tea maker’s directions, but as a general rule, oolong teas should be brewed with water at about 190°F and steep for 3 minutes.

If you are planning to enjoy your tea hot, add the milk right away. Stir in sweetener to suit your tastes and sip your new favorite tea!

If you plan to enjoy oolong milk tea cold, brew the hot tea as directed. If you like sweetener in your tea, be sure to add it while the oolong is still hot. This helps the sugar incorporate without leaving behind a grittiness.

Allow the tea to cool and then pour it over ice. Leave room at the top to finish it off with your choice of milk.

How to Serve Oolong Milk Tea

Oolong milk tea is delicious any way you like it, hot or cold! Some people like to add a few warm spices to their oolong tea to make a more bold and chai-like flavor profile. Try sprinkling some cinnamon and nutmeg into your next oolong milk tea for an inviting flavor and aroma.

Mix up your oolong milk tea by trying a non-dairy milk or changing the temperature.

Visit your local cafe and order this treat with boba balls. No matter how you mix it up, this deliciously creamy drink is perfect any way you like it!

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