What Does Lychee Boba Tea Taste Like

Boba tea is fresh, delicious, and a great way to get to know fresh fruit flavors, like lychee! Discover all the refreshing flavors in a cool cup of lychee boba tea and learn to brew your own!

Boba tea is a literal explosion of flavor and few flavors compare to the taste of lychee boba tea!

When you are in need of something fresh, sweet, and fruity to drink there is nothing like lychee boba tea, but just what is the flavor of this popular drink!? Pour up something exciting with this delicious guide to all the flavors of lychee boba, including a simple lychee boba tea recipe!

What Does Lychee Boba Tea Taste Like?

There is no flavor quite like the floral, fruity, and aromatic flavor of lychee fruit and this irresistible fruit flavor is what makes this tea taste so great! This refreshing beverage perfectly balances notes of fruitiness and grassiness.

What Does Lychee Boba Tea Taste Like -

Lychee boba tea tastes earthy and leafy from the tea with lots of aromatic fruity flavors from the lychee. Lychee is floral, sweet, and grapey so when paired with perfectly brewed tea this fruit truly shines!

What is Lychee Boba Tea?

The lychee is the perfect synonym for this drink because it also has an inside that bursts with flavor! Lychee is a tropical fruit from China known for its tantalizing aroma, fruity flavor, and unique appearance. This amazing fruit is the star flavor of this awesome drink!

Lychees are small fruits with a spiky fuschia-colored outer shell. Inside the shell is a slick and beautifully smelling fruit. Its flesh may feel a little slimy but it’s absolutely exploding with fresh berry-like flavor.

The lychee is used to infuse tapioca pearls with a sweet and fruity flavor. These delicious pearls are paired with a lightly shaken tea to make a crisp and satisfying drink that bursts with aromatic lychee flavor!

It can be prepared with green or black tea depending on taste preference. Some people like to add a little milk to this beverage to make it extra creamy and decadent.

This drink originated in Asia. It remains popular there today, but it has also grown to global acclaim for its cool and fruity flavors.

Benefits of Drinking Lychee Boba Tea

Benefits of Drinking Lychee Boba Tea

This light and fresh iced tea drink is full of fruit flavor but is it also good for you?

In moderation, yes! Drinking this popping fruit tea can have some sweet benefits. Both green and black tea offer mild amounts of caffeine to boost your brain function. Plus, both of these teas do not add any calories to this delicious drink.

The biggest drawback of this flavorful tea is the lychee boba pearls. These tasty balls tend to be high in sugar making them more of a treat than an all-the-time food.

However, if you don’t add much sweetener to the tea and consider this drink an indulgence then it is fine to consume as part of a balanced diet.

How to Serve Lychee Boba Tea

This sweet and balanced beverage was made for days off and warm afternoons. It is the perfect refreshing iced tea drink to serve up the good vibes you need to get you through errands, laundry, or whatever you need to get done!

Try garnishing this drink with a fresh lemon wedge or even a spring of lovely lavender. Just don’t forget to serve this iced drink with an extra-wide straw for all the delicious lychee bubbles!

Notes on This Lychee Boba Tea Recipe

This simple yet refreshing lychee boba tea is the perfect drink to enjoy with friends on a relaxing afternoon and it’s never been easier to make at home! Use these tips to help you nail this simply sweet lychee boba tea recipe!

Lychee Boba Tea Recipe

Ingredient Notes

Lychee Popping Boba Pearls – This unique ingredient may not be available at your local grocer, but it is very easy to find online. Lychee popping boba pearls are a fun twist on the classic sugar tapioca pearl and they give this drink its signature fruit flavor.

Green or Black Tea – For this recipe, choose your favorite type of green or black tea. You can brew fresh tea or grab a bottle of pre-brewed unsweetened tea. Green tea is especially nice for bringing fresh and light flavor to this drink, while black tea is excellent for making an energizing and delicious drink!

Simple Syrup – This is the perfect sweetener for this fresh and flavorful tea. Simple syrup is a basic sugar syrup made from sugar and water. It is easy to find in your local grocery store’s beverage section or even to make at home. To make a quick batch of simple syrup, boil 1 cup of water with ½ cup of sugar until it is thick and syrupy. Store the simple syrup in your fridge for up to 1 month.

Expert Tips

  • Brew the tea for this drink in advance and chill it or buy bottled tea and chill it. Prechilling the tea just makes this sweet drink that much quicker and easier to prepare!
  • If you have a pitcher with a lid or an extra large shaker, try shaking the tea and sweetener together rather than stirring. This is a more traditional method and gives the tea a nice frothiness.
  • If you love tea with milk, feel free to add an ounce of your favorite dairy drink to this tea for serving.

Easy Recipe for Lychee Boba Tea


½ cup Lychee Popping Boba Pearls

32 ounces of Chilled Green Tea or Black Tea

1 tablespoon to 3 tablespoons Simple Syrup (To Taste)



  1. Set out four tall glasses. Add ice to about ¼ of the way up the glass.
  2. Divide the lychee boba pearls evenly throughout the four glasses.
  3. In a separate pitcher stir the simple syrup into the tea. Add as much as you like to get your desired amount of sweetness.
  4. Pour the sweetened tea into the prepared glasses and enjoy!

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