What Does Jasmine Milk Tea Boba Taste Like

The aroma of jasmine tea is like a song that wraps you up in its rich melody and that’s why jasmine milk tea boba is the absolute best! Discover the layers of flavor in this fresh take on tea with this fresh guide to all the tastes in jasmine milk boba tea!

Some days just call for taking it slow and sipping something great and there is nothing quite as tasty as jasmine milk boba tea.

This smooth and silky drink has so much to offer, but just what does jasmine milk tea boba taste like?

Pour out all the facts on this delicious drink with this guide to the taste of jasmine milk tea and how to make it!

What Does Jasmine Milk Tea Boba Taste Like?

What Does Jasmine Milk Tea Boba Taste Like -

There is nothing like the aroma and flavor of jasmine milk tea boba! Every smooth sip of this drink feels like a walk through a blooming meadow and that is thanks to the delectable flavors of jasmine and cream in this silky beverage.

Jasmine milk tea boba is known for its floral, earthy, and creamy flavor notes. It is nice and mildly leafy from the jasmine green tea and extra creamy from the dairy (or non-dairy) in the mix.

Typically, plain black sugar tapioca pearls are added to this drink which brings an extra touch of sweetness; however, some people like to add other flavors to give this drink an extra pop!

What is Jasmine Milk Tea Boba?

This fresh and silky smooth beverage is an exciting treat for anyone, but just what goes into this tasty drink? Jasmine milk tea boba is made of three basic elements: tea, tapioca pearls, and milk.

The tea for this drink is a smooth and energizing brew of jasmine-infused green tea. This is deliciously married with milk or creamer and served with tapioca pearls. This drink can be enjoyed at any temperature but it is most popular when served iced.

Is Jasmine Milk Tea Boba Healthy?

This flavorful and perfumed drink will win you over with one sip but does it also benefit your body? Yes! Jasmine milk tea boba can be a nice addition to a balanced lifestyle when consumed in moderation!

Is Jasmine Milk Tea Boba Healthy

Jasmine milk tea boba features zero-calorie green tea which brings tons of flavor without the fat. It is the perfect smooth base for this drink and it also adds a little caffeine to get you going in the right direction!

One big drawback of this drink is for anyone watching their sugar intake. The tapioca and dairy in this drink tend to be high in sugar, so always read the labels and choose a dairy (or non-dairy) that suits your nutritional goals.

Overall, this drink can be prepared nut-free, gluten-free, and vegan, making it a very people-friendly sip! So consider this sweet indulgence next time you’re craving tea, but remember it’s just a treat, not an all the time drink!

How to Serve Jasmine Milk Tea Boba

Jasmine green tea is known for its energizing qualities which is what makes this blend of tea and milk so perfect for crazy mornings or busy afternoons. The kiss of caffeine is just what your body needs to get it through whatever tasks you throw at it so enjoy jasmine milk tea boba when you need to get things done!

This drink is best enjoyed iced and can be garnished with a jasmine flower. Remember to serve this tea with a very wide straw for the boba pearls.

Notes on This Jasmine Milk Tea Boba Recipe

Ingredient Notes

Jasmine Green Tea Leaves and Water –The first step in making this fragrant iced tea is brewing the perfect tea. Choose your favorite jasmine green tea leaves for this recipe. Alternatively, brew the green tea using measured tea bags. You will need enough tea bags to prepare 4 cups or 32 ounces of tea. Use filtered tap water to brew the tea.

Jasmine Milk Tea Boba Recipe

Sugar –Granulated sugar is the perfect sweetener to add a little sugary flavor to this freshly brewed tea. If you prefer your tea unsweetened, omit this ingredient and remember that the tapioca pearls have sweetness as well so do not go overboard with sweetener.

Tapioca Pearls – These small black balls are what you commonly see in boba teas everywhere. The black sugar tapioca balls are easy to find at international grocery stores and online, but if you want to mix up the flavor, try a fruit-flavored pearl.

Oat Milk or Half-and-Half –This is the creamy element in this balanced beverage. Use your favorite dairy or plant-based milk or creamer. Thicker liquids like half-and-half or oat mill are especially nice in this tea.

Expert Tips

  • The French press is a highly-underrated way to brew large batches of tea. It has the perfect tea strainer built in and the capacity for more than one cup.
  • Be sure to chill the tea at least briefly after brewing. If you skip this step, the tea will melt a lot of the ice and you will have a very watery milk tea!
  • Try to evenly split the milk between the glasses, but if someone likes more or less you can adjust the ratio.

Best Easy Recipe for Jasmine Milk Tea Boba


½ cup Jasmine Green Tea Leaves

4 cups Water

1 Tablespoon to ¼ cup Sugar

½ cup Boba Pearls

½ cup Oat Milk or Half-and-Half



  1. On the stovetop in a pot or kettle bring the water to a boil.
  2. Add the tea leaves to a heatproof bowl or French press. Pour the boiling water over the leaves and allow them to steep for 3-5 minutes.
  3. Strain the tea through an extra-fine mesh strainer and then add sugar to taste. Chill the tea in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.
  4. Set out four tall glasses. Add ice to about ¼ of the way up the glass.
  5. Divide the boba pearls evenly throughout the four glasses. Add 1 ounce of oat milk or half-and-half to each glass.
  6. Pour the chilled jasmine tea into the prepared glasses and enjoy!

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