What Does Honeydew Boba Tea Taste Like

When the days get longer you need to fill your afternoons with fresh, sweet drinks, like delicious boba tea. Find your new favorite flavor with this delicious guide to the taste of honeydew boba and how to make it!

Boba tea is the biggest thing making a splash on the beverage scene these days, and with so many varieties it can be tough to choose!

One of the freshest and most flavorful varieties of this drink is honeydew boba tea, but what is it and what does it taste like?

Sink your straw into something sweet with this helpful guide to the taste of honeydew boba tea and then try your hand at making your own!

What Does Honeydew Boba Tea Taste Like?

What Does Honeydew Boba Tea Taste Like -

Honeydew boba is a deliciously layered drink full of smooth, floral, and fruity flavors. The textures found in this cool tea drink are so fresh and fun that you won’t want to put this sipper down!

The taste of honeydew boba is fresh, sweet, and fruity. The star flavor of this drink is, of course, the honeydew. This sweet, floral, and nectarous melon gives the drink an irresistible sweet flavor.

The melon flavor in this iced tea beverage is balanced by the earthy and leafy notes of green tea. Finally, plant-based milk rounds out the flavor of this drink with extra creamy notes.

Some use plain black sugar tapioca boba balls in this drink, while others like to add flavored boba balls for an extra pop.

Overall, honeydew boba tea tastes like the perfect summer-inspired medley of melon and tea flavors.

What is Honeydew Boba Tea?

The flavor of summer is bursting in every sip of this tasty tea! Honeydew boba tea is a true celebration of the freshness and fruity flavors often associated with summertime. It’s an addictive treat that puts you in a warm summer mood!

Traditionally, this beverage has honeydew flavoring, plant-based milk, and tapioca boba pearls. It has evolved to include green tea for an extra caffeine boost and grassy flavor.

What is Honeydew Boba Tea

This drink was popularized in Asia but it is rising in popularity worldwide thanks to its verdant green color and sweet melon-forward flavor.

Although the traditional version of this green drink does not include actual tea, green tea really makes this drink special. It adds fresh flavor and energizing body to an already great drink!

Is Drinking Honeydew Boba Tea Healthy?

This sweet drink always tastes sensational but can it also be good for you? The secret is that honeydew boba tea has a little good and bad.

The green tea in this drink gives it antioxidants and a hint of caffeine to give your brain a boost! Additionally, plant-based milk tends to be free from or low in cholesterol; however, the sugars from the honeydew and milk in this drink are very high.

Fortunately, honeydew boba redeems itself a little thanks to the nutrients like calcium and protein found in plant-based milk. Also, honeydew boba tea is naturally vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free (if you choose the right plant-based milk).

The truth with this drink comes down to moderation. If you enjoy honeydew boba tea only occasionally as part of a balanced lifestyle then it is a perfectly fine treat!

How to Serve Honeydew Boba Tea

This delicious drink is perfect for warm afternoons! With this easy recipe, you can whip up a batch for a small group in no time so you can serve your friends the best-iced drink around!

Try garnishing this tasty tea with a few fresh mint leaves and serve them with wide straws for the boba pearls.

How to Serve Honeydew Boba Tea

Serve this tea with fresh fruit and crackers for a fun and light afternoon nosh!

Notes on This Honeydew Boba Tea Recipe

This super simple honeydew boba tea recipe is designed to give you all the flavors and textures of a sweet cafe classic in the comfort of your own home. This recipe is made to be easy to follow, but here are a few notes to make sure you have the perfect drink every time!

Ingredient Notes

  • Oat Milk – Oat milk has the ideal creamy consistency for this awesome drink but if you prefer you can use any style of milk you like! If you’re looking for a light and fresh alternative, try coconut milk.
  • Honeydew Concentrate Syrup – This sweet syrup gives the drink its signature green color and melony flavor. Look for this at specialty grocery stores in the Asian section or try ordering this ingredient online. The powdered form of honeydew concentrate is a great substitute for this ingredient.
  • Green Tea – Green tea is not always included in this drink traditionally, but it adds a much-needed flavor and energy boost. Try bottled unsweetened green tea or brew your favorite green tea for this recipe. Try to chill freshly brewed tea before using it in this recipe.
  • Tapioca Pearls – These gelatinous balls are sometimes just called boba but they are the black balls you see in your favorite bubble tea. Use plain tapioca pearls or try a fun-flavored tapioca pearl.

Expert Tips

  • Add the honeydew concentrate syrup little by little and taste the base between additions. This way you don’t add too much and make the drink sweeter than you like.
  • You can make the drink base in advance and pop it in the fridge. That way you can have this treat ready to serve when guests arrive!

Sweet and Simple Honeydew Boba Tea Recipe


2 cups Oat Milk

¼ cup Honeydew Concentrate Syrup

2 cups Brewed Green Tea

½ cup Tapioca Pearls



  1. In a large pitcher, add the oat milk, honeydew concentrate, and green tea. Stir well.
  2. Set out four tall glasses. Add ice to about ¼ of the way up the glass.
  3. Divide the boba pearls evenly throughout the four glasses.
  4. Pour the cold tea into the prepared glasses, stir, and enjoy!

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