What Do Eggplants Taste Like?

What Do Eggplants Taste Like

With a name like ‘eggplant’ it’s no wonder people might have some questions about this unique food. Find the truth about this versatile and tasty vegetable with this fully-baked look at what eggplants taste like!

What Do Eggplants Taste Like?

In the world of vegetables, the eggplant is like a sponge. Its soft and satisfying texture plus a bold range of colors makes it just right for a wide range of recipes!

Eggplants taste mild with a hint of leafy bitterness.

They are known for their soft sponge-like texture because it allows them to soak up any flavor they are cooked in. This means that eggplants can really taste like anything with the right marinade, sauces, and seasonings!

To make the most of this flavor sponge, cooks typically cut and then pat or squeeze the eggplant dry before seasoning. This allows the eggplants to soak up more of the sauces or marinade making this veggie even more flavorful!

What are Eggplants?

What are Eggplants

Purple eggplants are almost instantly recognizable in the grocery store. They are big and bold in color so they demand your attention, but what’s behind the bright colors inside an eggplant?

Eggplants are members of the nightshade family. This is a large plant family but one distinguishing feature of this family is that many of the fruits carry high levels of alkaloids, including eggplants.

The slight bitterness of the seeds in eggplants actually comes from nicotinoid alkaloids, like another member of the nightshade family, tobacco.

That doesn’t mean you can get addicted to eggplant because the concentration is so low it would take over twenty pounds of eggplant to equal the nicotine in one cigarette.

However, the amazing texture and applications of this fruit may have you hooked! Both its colorful skin and spongy flesh are edible.

The most commonly consumed variety of eggplant in America is the purple American eggplant but there are many other delicious varieties, like small Thai eggplant and skinny Chinese eggplant.

Eggplant is known as a culinary sponge and is used in recipes where it is soaked or seasoned in flavor. Just be sure to cook this food first, because eating raw eggplant can upset some sensitive stomachs.

Is Eating Eggplants Healthy?

Is Eating Eggplants Healthy

Chefs have discovered delicious ways to make these purple fruits pop, but do they have anything to offer nutritionally?

One potential benefit of enjoying eggplant is that they are a zero-calorie food. This means you can eat plenty of your favorite eggplant without guilt. Eggplant also has a lot of fiber and vitamin B6 and a few other helpful nutrients.

The biggest thing to remember when considering the health benefits of eggplants is how they are prepared.

Since these fruits are treated like culinary sponges they often soak up some salty and fatty flavors, so always be mindful with your sauces, seasonings, and dressings if you want to keep these light veggies healthy!

How to Serve Eggplants?

Around the globe, eggplant is enjoyed in so many different styles of cuisine and it has so many tasty preparations.

Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines offer some delectable ways to serve eggplants, like in dip baba ganoush or mesa’ah. Italian meals are known to include fried and roasted eggplants, and garlic eggplant is an Asian favorite.

No matter where you are in the world, you can find a tasty way to enjoy eggplant!

One trick to the flavor of eggplant is that it must be well seasoned and cooked to cover any unwanted bitterness.

How to Serve Eggplants

That is what makes our easy roasted eggplant recipe so wonderful. With a few simple spices and an oven, you can make a delicious restaurant-worthy rendition of this classic food.

Notes on This Easy Roasted Eggplant Recipe

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